FAQ – The Metabolic Reset Program

How does the Metabolic Reset Program work?

The program utilizes a key homeopathic weight-management product designed to support medically supervised calorie-reduced weight loss plans. It supports the body in relieving symptoms that come with dieting and fat release such as hunger, food cravings, headaches, decreased energy, fatigue, and other common discomforts commonly associated with calorie-reduced diets.

Won’t I lose weight on a calorie reduced diet alone?
Yes, because you are burning more calories than you are consuming. HOWEVER, you will be burning muscle along with fat. In order to maintain and build muscle, and improve overall body composition the complete program needs to be followed.

Will I be hungry following a reduced calorie diet?
On a reduced calorie diet alone you could experience excessive hunger and fatigue but on our program the majority of patients do not feel this way! The homeopathic weight-management product aids your body in using existing non-essential fat stores for energy so that you experience satiety on a reduced number of calories.

Will I gain all the weight back once I stop the program?
If you return to your old ways, or those habits that created the weight gain in the first place, yes you will gain the weight back. Firstly, you need to adhere to the maintenance portion of the program to ensure your body regulates your new weight set point. After the maintenance portion is completed it is advised to incorporate an overall healthy lifestyle into your daily routine. Should your health require further care, it is recommended that you speak with Dr. Kim.

How long is the program?
There are two options: you can choose between a 6 week (approx. 3 weeks of reduced calorie consumption and 3 weeks of maintenance) or a 9 week (approx. 6 weeks of reduced calorie consumption and 3 weeks of maintenance) program. They only differ in their duration. The program you choose depends on how much weight you want/need to lose and how much time you are willing to commit to. If you haven’t reached your goal weight at the end of your program you can do consecutive rounds after a 6 week break.

How much weight can I expect to lose?
Participants of the program typically lose 10-15% of their body weight. It is very important that you adhere to the program exactly to see the best results. Underlying health conditions and adherence can affect your results.

What happens after the calorie reduced portion of the program?
You will enter a maintenance phase which lasts for 3 weeks in which you incorporate more calories (and some foods) back into your diet. You stop taking the weight-management product and allow your body time to adapt to your new weight. After those three weeks of maintenance you can slowly transition back into your more regular healthy eating regime. If you were not already exercising, it is advised to begin an exercise regime in the maintenance portion of the program.

How is the program structured? What can I expect in the appointments?
Your initial visit is approximately 1 hour in length at which time your health is assessed, the program is explained to you in detail, you pick up all therapeutic support required, and pay for your program. After this you will receive weekly email content outlining your action steps, meal plans and grocery lists for the week. Depending on the duration of your program and which level of support you choose, there are also live group webinars to help you stay accountable. The various options will be outlined during your discovery call.

What is the cost of the program?
You are invited to schedule a discovery call to assess whether this program is right for you, and what the associated costs would be. Approximately 30% of the program can be claimed under extended health plans for naturopathic services. Some extended health plans or health spending accounts will cover the cost of products.

Am I a candidate for this program?
On your discovery call, Dr. Kim will be able to help you determine if this program is a good fit for you.

If I don’t want to cook, are there any options for me?
In the Sherwood Park area, you can purchase pre-made meals from Eat Clean and Healthy that will adhere to the program guidelines.

What If I don’t reach my goal weight after 1 round? Can I do other rounds?
Yes, consecutive rounds are okay. You must wait 6 weeks between rounds.

Can I exercise?
It depends on which program you are following. One version includes more calories and cardio/light weights for exercise and the other is less calories and includes only light walking or yoga. Dr. Kim will help you determine in your initial visit which version is right for you.

How will my energy levels be on the calorie reduced portion of the program?
You will be advised of all the side effects that can occur throughout the program. It is normal to experience some light headedness or hunger in the first week while your body is adjusting to the program.

Can I follow this program if I cannot access the clinic in-person? 
Unfortunately, no. You must be able to attend one of our clinics in Sherwood Park or Calgary Alberta for your initial visit, at this time.

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