Have You Had Your Vitamin D Levels Tested?

You may not know that there is a simple way to test your vitamin D levels… 

without testing, that one-per-day tablet you are taking may not even be close to the amount your body really needs…

Why is vitamin D so important?

Most of you know how important it is for bone health and how we need it to absorb calcium properly. But did you also know that vitamin D plays a huge role in immune health, your mood, and your metabolism? It reduces your risk of diabetes, protects against heart disease, reduces your risk of MS and certain cancers and improves lung function. That is one important little vitamin!

Unfortunately family doctors are really cracking down on running this testing due to the increased interest and cost this places on our health care system. It’s a fair reason but it’s such a necessary test.

This is NOT one of those nutrients where if you take too much you will just pee out the excess so it’s important to know your levels.

There are a number of fat-soluble vitamins, this means that when you take more than your body needs, the excess will be stored in your fat. Your body will NOT just pee it out.

This time of year is actually the perfect time to have your vitamin D levels assessed because after the long, cold winter months of little to no sun exposure you could be running low. We can get a clear picture where that has left you. You may still want to be supplementing through the summer if the winter left you deficient. 

This testing is as simple as little finger prick blood test that will accurately assess your levels. We can then make sure you are getting adequate amounts in your diet and have you on the path to feeling better much faster than had we never checked.

Do you want to have more energy, less stress and increase your overall vitality and happiness? If you said YES, than contact me NOW and let’s get you started on the path to get you there.  

Dr. Kim Gowetor
Naturopath Sherwood Park
Naturopath Calgary
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