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Chairlifts, Claustrophobia, Panic & the Jabberwocky

I’ve been celebrating this week. Why, you ask? It has to do with chairlifts, claustrophobia, [...]

Are Your Fish Oils Doing Anything For You?

It is rare these days that a new patient comes into my office and ISN’T [...]

The Hardest Part About Change…

Change is an unavoidable element of life. How we navigate change directly affects our health. [...]

Week Three & Maintenance of the Metabolic Reset

Week three of the Metabolic Reset was more of the same…which is nothing to minimize [...]

What Type of Magnesium Should I Be Taking?

Do you feel overwhelmed or confused about all the different types of magnesium available? If [...]

The #1 Thing You Can Do For Your Health

Over these last few weeks I’ve been pondering the many and varied ways in which [...]

Week Two of the Metabolic Reset

I’ve completed Week two of the Metabolic Reset. My clothes are feeling more comfortable, having lost [...]

Week One of the Metabolic Reset for Weight Loss

I have reached the end of Week One of my Metabolic Reset Program. I’m down [...]

What the Heck is a Ketogenic Diet?

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you’ve probably heard of the Ketogenic [...]

Why You Don’t Get the Results You Want

Whether we’re talking about results with weight loss, fitness, business, or chronic health conditions it [...]