The Top Reason You Don’t Invest in a Naturopath

The Top Reason You Don't Invest in a Naturopath

What do you think is one of the top reasons that prevents you from investing in a naturopath?

MONEY! Of course. BUT it isn’t because you can’t afford it. Sure, yes there is the odd person that truly can’t afford naturopathic medical services but generally speaking if you REALLY want something and TOTALLY understand how it can benefit you…you will find the money. So let’s talk about this…

For the many, many years that I was student and even after finishing medical school I can totally say that I did NOT have a lot of money. Medical school is very expensive and when you finish you don’t have a great paying job awaiting you. You have a pile of student loan debt and a business to get started, so to say I get what it’s like to be scrapping things together to make ends meet might be an understatement. BUT even through all of that I still always managed to buy the supplements that I needed, eat a healthy diet of organic foods AND go for health appointments.

I sacrificed having newer clothes, electronic gadgets, home items, outdoor toys, haircuts, spa appointments, cable tv, etc. for what I knew would pay off way more than all of those things.

Did I sometimes have to put off an appointment a little longer than I’d have liked…sure, but I still managed to do it eventually because I knew that investing in my health (and myself) was NEVER going to be a waste. Even if I didn’t see the changes I wanted to see right away, I always still gained something even if I didn’t totally get the magnitude of it at the time. 

What do you get out of investing in a naturopath?

Targeted Treatment

You are not a scientific study. Nor are you, your condition or an individual organ. When you take medications, do your own research online and/or seek out the help of the person at the health food store you may find something to help alleviate your symptom BUT if you want to be supported as a whole then you need to be SEEN as a whole.

Your naturopath will assess way more than just your symptom. They are taking into account your current picture of health along with your life story, your health history, your constitution or genetic make up, how your body might respond to treatment, your allergies or sensitivities, your preferences, your willingness to change, etc, etc, etc. There is a laundry list of items that your naturopath is considering when they devise a treatment plan for you. All those considerations (plus a ton of knowledge on all those topics) are what go in to making your attempt at self-improvement a success.


If you want to be an Olympic athlete than you have to train like an Olympic athlete, right?! I know you’re thinking but hey I’m not looking to be an Olympic athlete…that’s okay you don’t need to be to deserve the support that will make you a champion mom, an exceptional friend, a top performing employee, or an astounding partner. Why waste your money on individual items that may or may not actually help alleviate your symptoms, when you can invest in care that will not only help alleviate your symptoms but also create transformation in your life.

I see it all the time, patients come in and they have spent a fair bit of money on vitamins from Costco or Superstore, not really knowing what they are buying but spending the money anyway because they “heard” it was good or their friend recommended it. Don’t feel bad if this is you, we’ve ALL done this but now’s the time to maybe stop and ask yourself if you actually feel any better taking those vitamins?? If you are someone that wants to make smart choices with your money…what’s the ROI (return on investment) there? Not great! I don’t know about you but I’d much rather pay a higher price tag on something knowing that I will have a good return on my investment, then spending less without much of a return on that investment at all. What you stand to gain from investing in a naturopath is priceless!


When you have an established relationship with a naturopath they can advise you on health related questions that extend far beyond, “should I take this for that” or “which multi should I take”. So while you might think “oh I’m at the health food store, I’ll just check with them” or “oh I’ll just quickly google it”, the person at the store and google don’t know anything about your health history, your condition, your medications, your allergies, your genetic make up, etc. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn more, talking to people, and reading about it online but checking in with a trusted expert like your naturopath to find out what actually supports YOU best will save you a lot of money and time in the long run AND again your ROI is much higher.


Every one needs someone in their corner, especially when you are trying to make some bigger changes. When you want to quit smoking and your whole family smokes, how easy is this? It’s pretty damn hard actually! Or what about when you are trying to go gluten free but your family thinks you’re nuts…  If you had at least one person in your life that was supporting your desire to make changes wouldn’t it become at least a little bit easier? Why not take the path of least resistance when it comes to making changes that are going to support a healthier, thriving you. Set yourself up for success! Your naturopath totally has your back for helping you get your health on 😉

If you still have questions about how a naturopath might be able to help you, contact me now. I am always happy to chat about how to see you thrive in your life.

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2 thoughts on “The Top Reason You Don’t Invest in a Naturopath

  1. Kimberly Smith Epp says:

    The top reason I hesitate to commit to a naturopath is my perception of the cost. My perception is – there is no way I can financially afford it. I have heard financial horror stories of how much it costs to see a naturopath. Hundreds of dollars, just for 1 session, and then remedy costs as well!!!
    So, when I saw a $20 introductory coupon session with Dr Kim Gowetor, I grabbed it and I haven’t regretted one cent spent or session since. Dr Kim has very reasonably priced services and remedies. Dr Kim listens, analyses, then she puts a plan together that focuses on you. So far, much to my delight and to fulfill my main objectives, she has helped relieve all the pain in my knees and help me loose weight. They were my main goals when I introduced myself to her. To have my knees pain free was enough for me to reinvest with her to move forward with weight loss. I personally hugged her for relieving me of the pain in my knees. As I work very hard to maintain the naturopath plan she devised for me to loose weight, I am happy to say I am down 7lbs & over 16″ all around. I am knee pain free and back to my physically active self. I am so grateful to Dr Kim.
    I realize my next session will not be covered by my health care plan, and my naturopath remedies never are, but I am going. I am going to invest in the continued success of a natural health care plan designed just for me. A plan I feel is very financially reasonable, continuously successful and something I am extremely grateful for. Choose how you spend your money wisely. Spending it on your health & well being is good advice given by Dr Kim, and now me.

    • Dr. Kim Gowetor, Naturopathic Doctor Sherwood Park says:

      Thanks Kimberly. Awesome feedback and I am so happy to hear how successful you have been 🙂

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