Top 7 Reasons to see a Holistic Nutrition Consultant

do you have nutrition confusion?

do you have nutrition confusion?

Hello beautiful people, Renee here… Holistic Nutrition Consultant at Body & Mind Naturopathic Medicine. I want to help you cut through the muck and confusion about nutrition. With the plethora of foods choices available to us, how does one decide what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc. etc. I want to shed some light on how a holistic nutrition consultant (like myself) can help clear things up and get you on a plan that works!

Top 7 reasons to see a holistic nutrition consultant:

1. Nutrition and lifestyle have a huge impact on overall health.

Making small but meaningful changes to your diet and daily routine will lead to more restful sleeps, improved mood and mental health, weight loss, increased energy, improved gut health and SO much more!

2. For many health concerns, food can be a powerful resource.

In today’s society we all have some degree of deficiencies in our bodies contributing to our nagging health concerns. An HNP (Holistic Nutrition Practitioner) can help uncover the root cause of your health concerns and using nutrition and positive lifestyle changes, address deficiencies and properly support the systems to create homeostasis – leading to optimal wellness.

3. You are biologically and spiritually unique.

There are millions of videos, books, ads, podcasts etc. that will address your current health concern but everyone’s bodies and situations are so different that these suggestions really vary by individual and may even cause you more damage than good. An HNP will go through your unique family history, stress, life situations, food preferences/sensitivities/allergies, etc. and devise a plan customized to benefit YOU.

4. A holistic nutrition consultant is first and foremost a coach.

We are here to support you, educate you and all around be your personal cheerleader! Our goal is to inspire, motivate, hold you accountable and even be the kick in the butt you sometimes need.

5. You will receive recipes, grocery lists, meal prep guides and meal plans (for those that prefer the structure) to make things easier in the kitchen.

Not sure what to make for dinner to support your health goals? I got you! Working with a nutrition coach, you will never be short on delicious, nutrient dense, uncomplicated meal ideas!

6. Holistic nutrition practitioners take an integrative approach and do not rely on the basic food guide.

A lot of the health videos and articles you find on the internet do not have the education or qualifications to be giving advice on wellness topics. Our knowledge comes from in-depth training in school, scientific research and real life consulting. We learn chemistry, anatomy, sports nutrition, pathology, biochemistry, pediatrics, fertility, mental health, body mind spirit and so much more. We have diplomas to back us up but we are also forever students – constantly learning and researching new findings to support the approaches we take.

7. There is never a “quick fix” to a health problem.

Seeing a nutritional consultant will help you form new habits and sustainable lifestyle changes that can last a life time. Taking the time and investing in your health will benefit you further in all aspects of your life than any retail therapy ever could.

Invest in yourself and Renovate your health with holistic nutrition coaching.

Call now 780-328-9088 to get started. 

I offer consultations in person, by phone or by facetime. I am passionate about helping people reach their health goals through wholesome foods and positive lifestyle changes. I love to work with those that struggling with their gut health, mental health, and/or hormones. I’m an avid exerciser and also have a keen interest in sport nutrition. It is my pleasure to help each and every one of my clients find the root to what is blocking their progress. Small changes over time can have powerful impacts on health and longevity.

Thanks for reading! xo

Renée Paul-Fildey, Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
Nutrition Sherwood Park
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