Week One of the Metabolic Reset for Weight Loss

Week One of the Metabolic Reset for Weight Loss

Week One of the Metabolic Reset for Weight Loss

I have reached the end of Week One of my Metabolic Reset Program. I’m down 6 lbs! I love this program because it’s an amazing jumpstart on weight loss but ALSO because it’s like getting to push the reset button on your metabolism and your health. My program officially launches on December 31st, 2018 so I am putting it to the test personally as part of my annual refresh so that you can all follow along with me in the process.

It continues to amaze me when I do this program how much can  change in just one week.

I already feel far more clear headed, my joie de vivre has resurfaced, I feel calmer AND of course there’s the added bonus of weight loss. I’ve had several insights into my relationship with my body, my spirit and life in general.

This is round 2 of the metabolic reset for me. I first completed it just over a year ago when I was really feeling like I wanted to go back in time to when I felt better. I was worn out but wired, a little beaten down, and just not feeling like myself. A few extra pounds found their way to my body and despite continuing to eat healthy, I was stuck in overconsuming. The heavy feeling just wouldn’t shake off, even with exercise.

After several years of major stresses, where it was just one thing after another without much reprieve, I needed something that would get me feeling renewed and fresh. And I needed it FAST.

Life had really put me to the test. My resiliency stepped up but I was still feeling the effects of the journey. It’s easy to say, now, that I am really glad for all that I went through because stress has a totally new definition in my life. I wasn’t being clear with life about who I am, despite thinking that I was.

When you go through trials of life there’s a HUGE opportunity to ensure you never have to face them in the same way EVER again. BUT that only happens if you manage to undo your patterning and learn to function in a new way. That’s something I will be talking about a lot more in the program but for now let’s get back to where I was at just over a year ago.

I was in need of a reset and this program seemed to fit the bill perfectly. So, I figured “might as well test this out and see what happens”. If you are 10+ lbs overweight you can benefit from the Metabolic Reset and there are two versions to accommodate different needs. One of them is the more traditional very low calorie without exercise and the other is a modified not as low calorie with moderate exercise. I love to exercise so I followed the modified version.

There aren’t even words for how much better I felt during and after the program. I lost around 20 lbs in a 6 week period. With every week I felt stronger and more energetic. It accomplished EXACTLY what I was needing.

I felt like I got the total reset I was looking for … and so much more.

The heaviness finally washed off me and excitement for my life re-emerged. My younger self returned. Aches and pains were gone. My skin was glowing. I had plenty of energy and my digestion felt great. After finishing the program I had no trouble maintaining my weight loss. It was actually fun again to do more intense workouts. Food cravings were gone and I was feeling completely satisfied after each meal.

I would, still, enjoy a treat here and there or a dessert when I felt like it. Funny thing though…I didn’t feel like it very often because my food satisfied me. There was no guilt when I did have a treat though and I definitely didn’t deny myself. My body feels better when I avoid gluten and keep certain foods on a rotation so I continued to do that but it was very easy to maintain. I didn’t spend ANY time worrying about food.

Fast forward to this past summer…a minor surgery set me back. I had a uterine fibroid that had been causing extremely heavy periods. With all the hormone balancing work complete, it was time for this old fibroid to leave. While the surgery was helpful, the process of it threw my body off track.

Time for another reset…

This time around, however, I decided to test out the more traditional version of the program. This first week is always an adjustment. Some days I have felt tired, hungry or moody; which is very normal when you make a sudden change like this AND it always passes. The pay off is too exceptional to give up.

These symptoms are greatly alleviated by sticking to the detox portion of the program. They often subside after the first week. If you attempted this program without the detox those symptoms would be FAR worse. The detox helps support the main of organs of elimination to easily release the excess wastes created by shrinking and releasing fat.

My relationship with food improves each time I do this program.

It becomes so much more obvious if I’ve consumed a food that causes inflammation. When you consume a food that causes you inflammation, there’s an immediate indicator. The scale will not go down (or it will actually go up) the next morning.

When inflammation in the body is high (for any number of reasons), it can lead to increased reactions to foods that might not otherwise be a problem. This inflammation can also create a lot of other symptoms and health conditions. When you bring down the overall inflammation, like on this program, you are able to easily identify troublesome foods and many of the other health concerns disappear. You may also notice that overall foods that used to be a problem, no longer are.

I’m really so excited to bring this metabolic reset program to you, not only because I personally love it but because of how amazing I know you will feel from it too. AND with all the support and learning you will receive throughout the program, you are sure to be successful with it!

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If you have questions or concerns about your health (even if they don’t relate to the program), please give me a call or send an email to drkim@drkimnaturopath.ca. I am always happy to chat with you about your health needs 🙂

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