Week Three & Maintenance of the Metabolic Reset

Week Three & Maintenance of The Metabolic Reset

Week Three & Maintenance of The Metabolic Reset

Week three of the Metabolic Reset was more of the same…which is nothing to minimize given the steady weight loss, continual improvement of energy, sleep, and overall feelings of wellbeing. By the end of the 3 weeks I lost about 12 lbs overall and my digestion can handle eating eggs again yay! I definitely feel “reset”. I’m on to the maintenance phase now which is a total breeze compared to the first 3 (or 6 if you do the longer program) weeks.

In case you missed it, find Week Two of the Metabolic Reset here.

The Maintenance phase is the most essential part of the program.


Sometimes people will skip this phase or do it half-assed which can land you back where you started if you aren’t careful. I can’t stress enough how important it is to allow your body to find its new normal in this 3 week stretch. You have just put your body through a dramatic change in a short period of time. Sounds cheesy but a great visual example is the butterfly about to emerge from the cocoon…you must let this dramatic change take root so you MAINTAIN your amazing results. Your metabolism NEEDS this period to get used to your new weight set point. It’s like any new habit or significant change, you have to give your mind and body time to get used to it so that it sticks.

What does it involve?

The maintenance phase is very much like the calorie restricted portion of the program EXCEPT now you get to up your calories to an everyday level by adding back in more food and healthy fats. That’s why this part of the program is ideal if you want to experiment with a keto diet. It is not necessary, but it’s an opportunity for you to see what makes you FEEL best.

What you can learn in this phase:

This phase is an amazing opportunity to develop a new relationship with food. You will get all the guidance to help you uncover this but it’s really quite simple. Since all of the inflammation that may have been driving so many of your previous food cravings has reduced you can really hone in what you are using food for and how it makes you feel.

If a food craving or desire does arise you can stop and question whether or not you are actually hungry or if there’s something else driving the desire for the food. This doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t eat the food but you will be aware of its purpose. When you understand this it’s easier to make the choice as to whether or not you want to indulge.

You can also easily determine how food affects your weight because you will continue to monitor it with daily weigh-ins. If you eat something and the next day your scale goes up or down, you know right away you are sensitive to this food. 

The Metabolic Reset program will be officially launching on December 31st, 2018. If you want to make sure you continue to receive information about the program make sure to join my Facebook group, The Metabolic Reset OR sign up for my newsletter.

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