Week Two of the Metabolic Reset

week two of the metabolic reset

I’ve completed Week two of the Metabolic Reset. My clothes are feeling more comfortable, having lost about 10 lbs so far. Motivation really starts to amplify in this week and it becomes easier to do the things that had started to feel like a struggle before. Like a morning yoga practice. I’m enjoying starting my day this way again. The weight loss really is such a secondary bonus for everything else that “resets” throughout the program.

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Week two is where the magic really starts to take place.

It is an excellent time to check in on your mindset. Where are you putting your focus? It’s so easy to overly focus on what has been taken away. The sacrifice you are having to make and what has been lost (i.e. the foods you can’t have). BUT when you shift your focus on to what IS working for you, you’ll see the pay off is tremendous.

What are some of the Metabolic Reset pay offs?


It’s amazing how when you are following a simple, daily food regime how much more time it frees up for you. You don’t spend any time trying to figure out what or where you are going to eat. The meals are so simple, none of them take very long to prepare. In a typical day I spend maybe an hour on food. And that’s only because I don’t prepare the whole week ahead of time. If you just cooked your meat ahead of time you could easily get away with no more than 30 minutes per day spent on food. I’m including things like brewing coffee in the morning, reheating your food at lunch or supper, or throwing some vegetables together to go with your protein.


This is the obvious pay off. The one that really keeps you motivated. I don’t know about you but stepping on the scale and seeing it go down EVERY SINGLE DAY even just a little bit, is super motivating. It makes you want to keep doing what you are doing. I generally avoid the scale and pay more attention to how I feel but for the purpose of this program it is a ridiculously simple way to stay on track and motivated.

And don’t forget, the scale is also your super simple tool for assessing how the foods you are eating are affecting you. If the scale goes up one day, as opposed to down or staying roughly the same, you can bet you ate something that is creating a bit of inflammation for you. This part is a struggle for many because they get really caught up in trying to suss out what exactly is causing the problem. As you progress through the program, overall inflammation will continue to reduce so that food that may have caused you trouble in the beginning may not be a problem by the end. It is helpful to be mindful of the patterns but it’s not worth your sanity to get stuck on it.


There are so many ways to improve your health but few that I’ve seen cover as many bases as a program like this AND as quickly! This is what I like to call an excellent health kickstarter. It gives you that initial metabolic reset and then afterwards you can go on to fine tune.

It’s literally as if you are getting to wipe the slate clean. All of those blood sugar fluctuations you experience throughout the day…gone. The ups and downs with your energy…gone. The hormonal chaos that can result from a standard North American diet…gone! Your metabolism gets a complete overhaul.

If you want to see results quickly to stay motivated, then I highly recommend doing something like the Metabolic Reset. I have seen people no longer need a variety of medications that they thought they were going to be on for life. If you are unsure if your health condition would benefit from a Metabolic Reset, send me a message. A program like this is certainly not for everyone but it may be perfect for YOU.


It is in week two that the cravings start to disappear. You start feeling more satisfied on a small amount of simple food. Those foods you thought you could never go without don’t have such a huge draw for you anymore. This is such an excellent time to reflect on what these foods were doing for you. It’s a lot like quitting smoking…when you are able to get enough distance from the substance, whether it’s cigarettes, a daily double double from Tim’s or a doughnut you can start to see what “craving” it may have been satisfying and it, generally, has nothing to do with the physical need of hunger.

This doesn’t mean you won’t be tempted to go back to your “substance” of choice but you start to gain enough awareness as to whether or not it is something you want for yourself. This is also where the fine tuning after the program kicks in and you get down to the deeper work of freeing yourself from the patterns that are keeping you stuck. It’s so much easier to work on these after going through a health kickstarter.

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