The Metabolic Reset Program

I am down 12 lbs and 22 inches, into my 6th week…” – Kimberly S.

Does your struggle with weight loss hold you back from enjoying life?
Are you having a hard time accessing your vibrant, youthful self?

Excess weight not only impacts your physical health, but can also leave you feeling emotionally drained.

Feeling weighed down, drained, and wondering how you got where you are, can be so frustrating! You push yourself to do the things you “should” while continually battling your motivation, food cravings, and lack of energy. You start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you and despite all your efforts, you don’t really achieve any REAL results. This leaves you feeling exhausted, hopeless, and like you are constantly fighting yourself.

Can you relate?

  1. You avoid having your pic taken because you are embarrassed of your current look;
  2. You turn down social engagements feeling like there are too many foods (or alcohol) there that will tempt you;
  3. You no longer have the energy to REALLY engage yourself in your work, your family, or your friends;
  4. Food and your weight are on your mind constantly, taking you away from being free to dream and fully enjoy life’s precious moments.

These patterns and beliefs can drive us to unhealthy measures, like riding the diet roller coaster, desperately slashing calories and choosing diets and exercise programs that put our bodies at risk for injury, exhaustion and vitamin depletion. This wrecks havoc on your health only making it harder and harder to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There is a better way….but,

Another weight loss program is NOT the answer. That is why this program has been designed as a journey…a journey where you not only lose weight but you develop a new relationship with your food and your health. Consider it like an investment in your relationship with yourself. You WILL gain awareness and you WILL feel better.

With our safe and effective program, many patients have lost weight, improved their energy, decreased their pain, and come to view their relationship with food differently. With our guidance and support many have maintained their results and are able to establish new, healthier patterns in their daily life.

To read about Dr. Kim’s personal experience with the program GO HERE

“Dr. Kim has a really great way of making you feel completely at home and comfortable as soon as you meet her. She is knowledgeable, but in a way that almost has you feel like you are discovering what she’s telling you for yourself. If you are looking for naturopathic care, I would highly recommend Dr. Kim!”

—  Jenn L.

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What is the Metabolic Reset Program?

By following the Metabolic Reset Program you can expect to,

  1. Have your health assessed by our Naturopathic Doctor so that your weight loss is done SAFELY and your program is customized to your needs;
  2. Be completely supported with all the inspiration, information, and resources you need to be successful;
  3. Receive weekly content and support from us, alongside peer support through our Facebook group and live group webinars;
  4. Learn about the meaning behind your food cravings, “cheats”, and being hangry;
  5. Understand the deeper purpose of detoxing and how this really helps your body to function optimally;
  6. Gain a deeper understanding of how to address harmful unconscious patterns that keep you stuck right where you are.

How the Metabolic Reset Program Works

Our program is fashioned after the traditional scientific research first completed by Dr. Simeons. We have taken it to a whole new level, with improved low calorie diet options that support each of you as an individual. Since one size does not fit all, we want to see your health be supported the best way it can be throughout the process.

Our program combines key individualized therapeutic support with various offerings of low calorie diets to ensure you are going to burn fat stores, preserve muscle mass and do it in a healthy way for your body.  A low calorie diet alone will see you burning muscle alongside fat and can be incredibly difficult to get cravings under control. On this program, people report very little hunger because the targeted therapeutic support is working on the appetite and craving centers of the brain to ensure the body burns existing fat for energy.

This creates an ideal environment for shedding a lot of weight in a short amount of time; the typical* weight loss is approximately 10-15% of your body weight. *Results vary depending on your adherence to the program, and whether there are any underlying health issues present.

Is the Metabolic Reset Program right for me?

This diet is right for you if you want get your spark for life back. Whether you have a significant amount of weight to lose or you just want to shed those last 10-15 lbs, this program can help. It is ideally used as either a kick-start to a weight loss journey that includes a life-time of maintenance OR a reboot to get you back on track with your already relatively healthy lifestyle. You must be ready to make significant lifestyle changes that include,

  1. Consuming more fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and other whole foods;
  2. Avoiding refined food products including packaged snacks, sugar and white flour;
  3. Taking the time for you to learn more about what your body needs on a regular basis
  4. Making movement/exercise a priority in your life;

This diet is not right for you if,

  1. You are not ready to commit to a calorie-reduced diet;
  2. You are or have breastfed a child in the last year;
  3. You are pregnant;
  4. You prefer a program of slower weight loss
  5. You have current or previous medical history that would prevent you from participating in this program. Dr Kim will advise you on the Discovery Call if any of your health concerns will prevent you from being able to participate.

For questions or concerns about the Metabolic Reset program please read our Frequently Asked Questions. These will help you determine if this program might be a good fit for you.

People who have completed the Metabolic Reset program say they have better quality of sleep, mental clarity, increased energy, improved overall health, and have been able to discontinue or reduce certain medications.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” ~Benjamin Franklin

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