Why You Don’t Get the Results You Want

Why You Don't Get the Results You Want

Why You Don't Get the Results You Want

Whether we’re talking about results with weight loss, fitness, business, or chronic health conditions it doesn’t really matter. The answer is still the same. We are at a time where we have an abundance of information at the tips of our fingers. It’s not always helpful information but regardless we end up with a laundry list of to-do’s because of all the information telling us what we “should” be doing. And if you suffer from ‘not-enough-itis’ like so many people do, then you try to do it all. How’s that working for ya?

Doing it all is an illusion.

You believe you have to do it all to achieve but in reality…you are NOT meant to do it all. You ARE meant to pick and choose and ONLY do what works for you. Please don’t confuse doing it all with having it all. You can have it all. Doing it all refers to the actions you choose to take to get you the results you want. You don’t have to do it all, to get it all.

What do you think is far more important for achieving results than trying to haphazardly “do it all”?


There are so many amazing practices I could incorporate into my life for my mind, body, and spirit and yet when I get up in the morning, many of them don’t happen. I get distracted by that next big thing and forget about the things I’m already doing. Sound familiar? I forget what I was already doing because that shiny new information sounds so promising. A quick fix to what I want to achieve.

I need to, firstly, make a point of narrowing down what I really want to achieve. Secondly, I need to start with one or two actions that will get me closer to what I’m trying to achieve. And lastly, I need constant reminders to stick to my actions and ignore ALL the rest! If I don’t do this I end up being a victim to squirrel syndrome too. In squirrel syndrome your actions are more random and inconsistent. You chase the next big thing, hoping it will catapult you straight to your desired result. This won’t work and instead, you will end up feeling like you are failing.

The quantity of practices you maintain or number of changes you make or even amount knowledge, is not what is most pertinent for achieving results. I used to think that the more knowledge I had, the better I would be. What happened instead as I acquired more knowledge is that I learned how little I really know and how much there truly is to know. I still love to learn but I find that the more I let go of trying to know it all (and do it all), the more I can ACTUALLY do and the better I feel. And you know what?… This takes A LOT less work.

Think of it like training your puppy to pee outside. You want them doing this as fast as possible. You don’t show them once and then they have it. No, it’s a consistent practice of reminding them that inside is not the toilet and outside is. Your puppy would end up confused if you tried multiple methods at once, a different method with them everyday, or took a huge leap in their training. However you choose to teach them this, doesn’t really matter as long as you are being consistent with what you are showing them. If you stick with one method your puppy eventually learns that they need to pee outside.

If life is feeling like a constant push to be “there” and you are circling around and around without getting any results, take a step back. Let go of everything you are doing to try to “make things happen”. Look around you and recognize that all kinds of other people have likely achieved what you are working towards. If it helps, go talk to them to find out what it took. Then, incorporate ONLY a few actions that you can take right now that will get you closer to achieving your goal. And stick to them! That’s it. Stay focused on your goal. Ignore the mind chatter teasing you with more bright shiny new ideas.

You don’t have to work harder, you just have to work smarter.

If you need help identifying your goals and selecting which actions to take, call me to set up your free discovery call. We can work together to get you ON the path of consistency and OFF the path of feeling like life is hard and nothing ever works.

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