Being a prisoner to your hormones is NO FUN.

Hormone Naturopathic Medicine Sherwood ParkYou get one week (or more) of bloating, food cravings, irritability, skin breakouts, fatigue, or mood swings; one week of cramps, bleeding, and more of the first week; and then another week of recovering from the blood loss or the pain…if you’re lucky you get one good week out of the WHOLE month.

Planning your life around your period is such a chore; avoiding social events because you aren’t sure how you’ll be looking or feeling. You really just want to be free of it all, so it is totally understandable that when you are presented with the option of just getting rid of the organ(s) causing the majority of the problems AND you aren’t given any other options, you decide to go ahead with it. But what if you still want children? Or what if you don’t want to have to undergo invasive surgery?

Maybe you just really want to keep all your body parts…

You can be free of these issues without invasive surgery.

And you don’t need more hormones introduced to the situation either. What you need is support that will help you re-establish a healthy, balanced cycle! Support that, for some reason, does not seem to be common knowledge. We have that support for you and we want to see you living that life of freedom.

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today” ~Benjamin Franklin

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