Do You Need a “Time Out”?

Are your inner workings trying to tell you that you need a “Time Out”? Being a total introvert, when I need a “Time Out” it’s hard to ignore but we can ALL benefit from periods of rest and quiet. How can you tell if you need a “Time Out”? Will it be a good thing or is it just lazyness?

In our fast paced, extroverted culture of do or die it’s not often that we view quiet, reflective periods as anything more than wasted time but they are an amazing opportunity for growth and renewal.  

How to tell if you need a “Time Out”

While it can certainly feel fun to be busy, thriving, and/or sociable it’s not always what we NEED. And sometimes that lifestyle can get in the way of connecting with your deeper purpose…your soul’s purpose.

When you are in a state of busy, thriving, and/or sociable and you are coming from a place of soul purpose than what you are doing won’t feel like work. If you are busy, thriving (or for some it may be just surviving), and/or sociable and it is NOT coming from a place soul purpose than it will lead to fatigue, burnout, pain, insomnia, weight gain, and a multitude of other illnesses

Whenever you are in a state of resisting what your soul wants, you will be in a fight that you will never win. 

It’s a time of rest and introspection. It’s a time where you slow down. You stay quiet and you get in touch with the messages your body is giving you. It does not mean you are depressed or that something is wrong with you if you need to take this time for yourself. It simply means that you are giving yourself the gift of listening.

You give away so much of your time and energy listening to what others think you should be doing, from friends and family to the so-called experts…how much time do you really put in to listening to you? I’m betting the ratio leans heavily to the external world.

The last few months I’ve totally been in a “Time Out”. I haven’t had as much to say personally or professionally. At first I wasn’t bothered by it because I was just enjoying the peace but after it seemed to be lasting a lot longer than usual I started to feel moments of worry. Old worries and fears surfaced that I might never get out of this place.

I just couldn’t seem to connect with what was really driving this period of quiet. That can feel super frustrating but if I’ve learned anything about listening to yourself, it’s that if you resist what you are feeling it will only last longer and cause more suffering. 

What I’ve come to recognize is that when old worries and fears surface, even though it doesn’t feel pleasant at the time, you can thank them because they are coming up to leave. They are helping to clear your path so that when you do emerge you will only feel refreshed and have grown exponentially.

Pushing through without taking the “Time Out” you need will only end with you feeling more stressed, exhausted and eventually burnt out. 

What do you do when you feel as if you need a “Time Out”? Do you allow it or do you fight it? Are you still worthy if you aren’t “doing”? Can you give yourself the gift of quiet?

Do you want to have more energy, less stress and increase your overall vitality and happiness? If you said YES, than contact me NOW and let’s get you started on the path to get you there.  

Dr. Kim Gowetor
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