My Simple Motivation Hack

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I don’t know about you but at times motivation can be a fleeting thing. For a good maybe 24 years of my life I didn’t experience excitement or pure joy and it became increasingly difficult to get motivated.

Struggling with my health was SO hard and it made me feel like I needed to work harder. I became uber focused on trying to get better and MAKE myself healthy, happy, and successful by doing all the “right” things BUT IT JUST WASN’T ANY FUN! Now when I hit an unmotivated phase I have a simple motivation hack that I use.

I regularly have days now where I feel excited…it’s such a foreign experience for me that it actually breeds even more good feelings because I’m so grateful to feel this way. 

I wouldn’t change the struggle because I learned SO much and I got my purpose out of it…helping people have healthy, happy, FUN, deeply fulfilling lives without it being a shit ton of hard work. 

I wouldn’t describe myself as a life hacker type person but when I find a way of increasing my return on investment that also happens to be super simple, I’m all for it. So today I want to share with you my one super simple motivation hack that gets me unstuck, primes my mind for great strides, increases my excitement, and effortlessly gets me on the lookout for magic and miracles.

You can pretty much use this hack for anything that has you feeling stuck.

Whether it’s a relationship, your health, your career, a new habit you want to incorporate…doesn’t matter. It’s so versatile because, a) it’s so simple and b) it’s mostly about setting up your thinking to see your life in a new, refreshed light. 

I use this when I want to start something new, when I want to get (or stay) motivated, or when I need some excitement, because let’s face it sometimes life can start to feel a little drab when you don’t do anything to switch up your routine.

This is SO ridiculously simple there’s no excuse not to try it…

I wake up in the morning and the first thing I say to myself is “Today’s the day!” I say this multiple times throughout the day, although even if all you do is say it right when you wake up, it will still work.

You’ll notice that after having done this for a few days in a row, you can’t get out of bed and not feel at least a little excitement for what the day may bring you. It primes you to feel as though something is going to happen and when you think that way…you ACT that way! 

You naturally start to put your focus on (and your energy into) actions that will bring change, excitement, and motivation. Try it out for a week, let me know what happens. I genuinely LOVE to hear what’s happening with you guys. 

Do you want to have more energy, less stress and increase your overall vitality and happiness? If you said YES, than contact me NOW and let’s get you started on the path to get you there.  

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